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Concrete Cutting

Even though concrete cutting may seem easy, the process is specific and requires professional expertise. Sometimes, for mostly financial reasons, both homeowners and property managers choose to get their plans executed by untrained workers instead of hiring experienced concrete cutting professionals. Even though this may initially seem like a good cost-cutting idea, it may have serious consequences.

The lack of safety and sparse knowledge of equipment may lead to accidents and life threatening injuries. If you want to ensure the safety of everyone on the worksite, hiring a reputable concrete cutting company is the right choice. Professionals will make sure that the work is done in due time and as efficiently as possible. Experts use well-maintained, high-end machinery to carry out the process efficiently. Get the concrete cutting process done when the concrete is not too wet or fully laid. The process of concrete cutting involves precise and safe cuts. Whether re-modeling or removing a concrete structure, it is necessary to cut concrete. The procedure consists of removing, sawing and drilling concrete. Various types of blades and concrete saws are used to carry out the process. Diamond and concrete blades are considered to be the most popular professional saws and are ideal for sharp and clean cuts. The cutting depth is also a very important factor to be considered. A surface that needs to be cut deeper than 4 inches is easier to cut with a hand saw. An increase in cutting depth indicates increased cutting density.


  • Equipment

For both residential and commercial sectors, repair, modification, finishing and removal of concrete surfaces or masonry is a frequent occurrence. Mostly driven by financial constraints, in these pre-planned or non-planned projects, unskilled labour is employed for cutting and breaking service. The higher the difficulty level, the risks of operating and accidental injuries increases. This can cause delays and financial loss. Professionals have the right equipment to get the work done efficiently and correctly. With the proper equipment, you can expect high quality services, quicker results and an overall decrease in the project costs.

  • Risk Management

There are certain risks associated with cutting and breaking concrete. These risks can be avoided by being cautious. However, the dangers of cutting and breaking are always not that apparent. At times, even small uncomplicated projects may have several potential dangers. Before the beginning of the project, a safety plan needs to be put in place. This helps avoid any pitfalls whatsoever. When you work with concrete cutting professionals, they are aware of the service and the risks. Years of training and real-life experience helps them anticipate safety loopholes and develop strategies to avoid accidents and injuries. Be it for your house or an industrial site, safety is always the primary concern.

  • Use of Trained Labour

Equipment can be rented to perform tasks such as concrete grinding, concrete cutting, demolition, breaking and removal. Whether you are a project manager or a homeowner, you could potentially rent equipment and rely on unskilled low-costing labour to get the work done. This would be a cost-effective option, which wouldn't require expert knowledge. However, there would be a series of risks associated with it. You may not recognize the safety hazards until it’s too late. To avoid these risks, hire professionals to get the work done for you. Their knowledge of safely operating the machinery and equipment will get the job done perfectly. You also wouldn't have to worry about any legal threats. Champion Concrete Cutting Inc. offers top-notch concrete products and concrete cutting and finishing services. We are known to deliver time-effective services at affordable rates. Our highly skilled professionals are trained and efficient. With more than 20 years of experience, we bring to you reliability and exceptional concrete work. If you need advice on your project or want to know more about the services we offer, contact us today!


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