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4720 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 0E4

Concrete Cutting for Edmonton, Alberta, Saskatchewan, & BC

Through quality materials, personalized services, and dedicated employees come superior results. At Champion Concrete Cutting (Edmonton) Inc., we have built a reputation for providing some of the best concrete services. From customizable concrete designs, such as steps and curbs, to our industrial work on bridges and roads, you can expect quality every time you call Champion Concrete Cutting.

Services are available to residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Western Canada. For a free estimate, call Champion Concrete Cutting at 780-469-9333. Champion Concrete can provide highly specialized concrete cutting and residents can expect quality concrete services for their projects regardless of complexity or size. Our specialty concrete services include:

  • Concrete Repairs & Replacements
  • Floor & Trench Sawing
  • Wall Sawing

Edmonton Saw Cutting Services for a Variety of Applications

Saw Cutting Services

  • Asphalt & Concrete
  • Vault Openings
  • Water Main & City Utility Exposing
  • Trenching
  • Bridge Repairs
  • Curb, Gutter, & Sidewalk

Additional Construction Services

  • Bobcat & Dump Truck Services
  • Excavation
  • Piles
  • Demolition

Your Edmonton Floor & Trench Sawing Experts

Champion Concrete Cutting (Edmonton) Inc. is your team of floor-sawing experts, with services available to residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Alberta and the surrounding provinces.

For a free estimate on floor or trench sawing, call Champion Concrete Cutting in Edmonton today!

Have Your Concrete Cut by Edmonton’s Pros

Using hydraulic, electric, and gas-powered equipment, our team takes on numerous floor and trench cutting projects, including:

  • 1 Inch to 24 Inches Deep

  • Underground Utility Repair Access

  • Beam Pockets

  • Bridge Repair

  • Expansion Joints (Green Sawing)

  • Grade Beams

  • Green, Cured, & Reinforced Concrete

  • Hand Sawing Up To 16 Inches Deep

  • Indoor Cutting (Small & Large Electric Saws) With No Fumes

  • Trenching (Plumbing & Electrical)

  • Sewer, Gas Line, Fibre Optic Line, & Drainage Trenches

  • Small Cuts for Quick, Clean, & Effective Removals

Slab Sawing

Depending on the work environment, a variety of saws can be used to cut slabs, including electric (up to 18 inches deep), gas (up to 24 inches deep), as well as hand and chainsaws.

Expansion Joints (Green Cutting)

Having expansion joints cut into the floor or trench with a specialty blade can help prevent cracks and spalling due to expansion and contraction forces. These cuts are then filled with foam and sealant to prevent water intrusion.

Wall Saw Cut & Hand Saw Cut Reinforced Concrete for Windows, Doorways & Enlarged Openings

Modern advances in concrete cutting have made it easier than ever before to leave an attractive finish to your concrete surface without all the mess left behind by the jackhammers of the past. With hydraulic and hi-cycle powered saw units, it’s now fast and easy to cut out windows, doorways, and other enlarged openings through concrete walls. Using diamond blades of various sizes, our concrete cutting wall saw in Edmonton can cut up to depths of 24 inches without compromising the integrity of the surrounding structure. Diamond blades have an abrasive surface to grind away at concrete surfaces with precision at high speeds. Serving residential and commercial customers alike, our sawing services can be used to enlarge or create new openings, such as:

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • Egress Code Openings

  • Crawlspace Openings

  • Retaining Walls

  • Elevator Shafts

  • Bank Vaults

  • Restricted Floor Areas

Cost-Effective Concrete Cutting Wall Saw & Hand Saw in Edmonton

Champion Concrete Cutting wants to make sure your doors, windows, and openings of various kinds are done in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. That’s why we use our hi-cycle wall saw on many projects. This saw is great for use at water treatment plants, as well as for working over fresh water and waterways, such as rivers and lakes. It prevents contamination of water sources due to its design, enabling your company to update and renovate as needed without compromising the environment. To request a free quote on cost-effective services using our concrete cutting wall saw or hand saw in Edmonton, call Champion Concrete Cutting (Edmonton) Inc.!

Doors & Openings

Doors and openings can be created or enlarged to allow for:

  • Bay Doors
  • Man Doors
  • Door Bucks

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