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Champion Concrete Cutting Inc., your reliable concrete contractor in Edmonton, has been delivering top-quality workmanship since 1990. For superior basement window cutting in Edmonton, entrust your project to us. Our comprehensive services range from core drilling to demolition and precise concrete finishing.


In addition to our array of concrete-cutting solutions, Champion Concrete Cutting Inc. presents specialized packages for expert window cutting. If you're contemplating adding a window to an existing wall in your Edmonton home or office, look no further. Our experienced professionals are equipped and trained to handle your project seamlessly.


Explore the excellence of Champion Concrete Cutting Inc. for all your needs regarding window well in Edmonton. With a proven record of quality and professional services, we are your go-to experts for precise and reliable concrete solutions.

Our window packages contain various services including:

  • Cut rough opening:

Our skilled technicians specialize in precision concrete cutting. For hopper egress windows, we cut a rough opening into concrete walls ranging from 8'' to 24'' thick, typically sized at 42'' x 42''.

  • Concrete removal and disposal:

We efficiently remove and dispose of the concrete debris after cutting, ensuring a clean and hassle-free process.

  • PVC vinyl hopper-style window:

We supply and install high-quality PVC vinyl hopper-style windows, combining durability and aesthetic appeal to brighten your space.

  • Safety egress window well:

Our window packages include a compliant window well meeting safety egress codes for Edmonton, Alberta bedrooms. The well is 48'' wide x 30'' deep at 30'' high, ensuring safe exit routes.

  • 1'' washed rock base:

We supply a 1'' washed rock base inside the window well to enhance drainage and prevent water accumulation. This base, approximately 6 inches thick, promotes proper water management.

Professional installation:
Our expert team installs all listed items outside your home, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. We meticulously seal the window with caulking from the inside and outside, guaranteeing optimal insulation and weatherproofing.

*This pricing estimate is for work within the limits of Edmonton and surrounding area.






  • Customer is responsible for contacting Alberta One Call for utility locates.

  • Customer is responsible for making arrangements with Alberta One Call to have utilities marked prior to excavation.

  • You are responsible to provide access to the exterior wall of the house for our men and equipment at each window opening required.

  • The minimum access space is to be 80’’ wide, 48’’ out from the wall, and 12’’ lower than the bottom of your new window's rough opening.

  • You are also responsible for removing the drywall and insulation inside the house, draping poly over the area.

  • Champion Concrete Cutting is not responsible for any dry wall work or landscaping after works completed. 

  • The customer is responsible to clearly mark the precise location of all cuts and/or holes to be made.

  • The customer agrees to hold us harmless and indemnify us for all damages resulting in severed or cut cables, conduits, pipes, etc., either embedded in or adjacent to, material to be cored or cut as well as damages resulting from our use of water to cool our equipment while carrying out work.

  • Champion Concrete Cutting (Edmonton) Inc. shall not be held responsible or liable for any changes to the structural integrity of the work area or any area, which results from Champion making the cuts and/or holes according to the customer’s markings or directions.

  • Additional charges may be incurred if there is excessive rebar in the concrete being cut or broke out from a structure.

  • Prices valid for 30 days from quotation date.

PLEASE note that we do not do any weeping tile tie-ins on the window


If you don’t need us to do an entire window project for you, we have offers that fit what you need. Our alternative options include:

  • Excavation (Digging) Completed by Champion

  • Removal/Disposal of Dirt Completed by Champion

  • Cut Only

  • Remove and Dispose of Concrete Block

To make sure you don’t have too many people tracking dirt and concrete dust through your home or office, all of our window cutting is done from outside. Call Champion Concrete Cutting in Edmonton to learn more about our window cutting packages available for your home or business.


  • C.O.D. VISA or Mastercard number must be obtained by office staff prior to the commencement of work.

  • A deposit may be required.

Reach out to us today if you need basement window services in Edmonton.

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