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Concrete Finishing

A smooth and sturdy finish on concrete looks the best. But, just pouring the concrete and waiting for it to dry won’t give you the desired results. To create a beautiful surface that lasts long, you need to possess proper skills, techniques and machines. A professional can help you achieve the finish that you want. Concrete finishing is considered to be a strong and durable alternative. It is the process of creating a concrete surface of the desired smoothness, texture and durability. The finish differs according to the taste and function of an individual. It can be decorative too.


Finishing is what makes the concrete easy-to-use and maintain. The hardness, texture and patterns on the slabs, floors and driveways, always depend on the end-use of the concrete. The floors in warehouses and industries need to be level, smooth and durable as they are used extensively. Other floorings, such as residential ones, don’t need to be as tolerant. Exterior slabs should be sloped in a way that they can carry water. The texture of the slabs will determine whether or not the slabs will be slippery if wet.


There are various texturing and coating methods when it comes to concrete finishing. They can be categorized into the following:

  • Concrete Staining: It helps maintain concrete that already exists and is in relatively good shape.

  • Stamped Concrete: This is one of the most frequently used methods in concrete finishing. Layers of colouring agents along with imprinting are used to create various textures. New concrete installations benefit a lot from this.

  • Washed Concrete: It is popularly used in city sidewalks. Also, it makes for a high traction surface.

  • Seeded Aggregate: It is most commonly used for driveways. The concrete is finished and tiny coloured stones are packed on the surface.

  • Concrete Painting: Instead of using the basic satin stain, formulas such as epoxy stain are used. They have been specifically designed for concrete usage.


A common variety of concrete finish is a smooth surface that is created by the usage of trowels and screeds. Soon after the concrete is placed in forms, concrete finishers use a screed to settle down the concrete surface. Screeds are long pieces of wood or metal, which are pushed and pulled through the concrete to remove excess concrete and fill out the gaps in the surface. 1. Edging This process is conducted by providing bevelled and rounded edges while finishing concrete. It is also used to create joints where required in order to prevent cracking. It is done using an edging tool, which requires certain skills and expertise to operate. 2. Broom Finish It is applied to make concrete surfaces slip resilient. This process is carried out by placement, troweling and levelling of concrete. After the creation of a smooth surface, a broom is dragged through it while the concrete surface is still wet. Surfaces that don’t have a broom finish are more likely to be slippery and dangerous. 3. Colouring Concrete Concrete has a colour added to it to make sure that it matches with the background of the structure it is used in. This effect is achieved by adding pigments and staining. The process of pigmentation is simple with the pigments just needed to be directly added to the concrete prior to pouring it. You can choose from a wide range of colours that are available. There is a possibility of water infiltration in pigmented concrete. To avoid that, make sure you get the pigmented concrete sealed periodically. 4. Staining concrete Just like pigments, various staining products are also used to colour concrete. One of the most popular methods is using acid. Non-bright and subtle colours can be achieved through this method. In the case of water-based or acrylic staining, you can get a wide range of colours. After the application of the stain, a seal is usually installed over the concrete to make sure the surface is safeguarded. Concrete finishing is a time consuming and precise method that requires patience and expertise. Make sure you choose the right professionals to get your work done safely, efficiently and on time! Champion Concrete Cutting Inc. has been providing concrete services more than 20 years. We believe that concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials and a lot can be done with it. From professional concrete finishing to coloured concrete of your choice, we have it all. To know more about our products and services, contact us.


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