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Concrete demolition is the tearing down of existing concrete structures. Concrete is demolished because of deteriorating surfaces, widespread cracks, planned modifications, or frost heave (expansion of some part of the structures due to freezing conditions). Fixing damaged concrete surfaces with decorative concrete patches is a short term fix and cracks can appear soon enough. Concrete demolition is recommended if the concrete surface has deep cracks that can’t be repaired.

Get in touch with Champion Concrete Cutting Inc. for expert concrete demolition services in Edmonton. We use various demolition methods to break, remove and dispose of damaged concrete. We have been providing concrete cutting and coring services throughout Western Canada for residential, commercial and industrial clients since 1990. Concrete Demolition Techniques Dismantling In this method, the demolition of concrete structures is done by cutting elements using equipment such as saws, thermal lance (good for demolishing concrete with steel reinforcing) and water jetting technique. The pieces are then removed with the help of a crane. This technique is beneficial for demolishing a certain portion of the concrete structure. Advantages: · It has less impact on surrounding structures · There is less noise and dust Remote-Controlled Demolition Remote-controlled demolition such as the DXR 310 robot has a long reach and is extremely powerful. The machine uses hydraulics and electricity and is safe to use indoors. Advantages: · It does not create harmful fumes · It can pass through conventional doorways and operate on uneven surfaces Concrete Cutting Concrete can be removed by controlled sawing performed by skilled and experienced operators. Concrete cutting prevents damage and helps retain the integrity of the remaining concrete structure. Advantages: · It saves time · It is affordable Why Go for Professional Demolition Services Professional demolition services use a variety of equipment, such as Bobcats, Kubotas, breakers, jackhammers, dump trucks, mini excavators, backhoes, concrete busters and crushers to demolish your concrete structures. The advantages of hiring a professional for your concrete cutting needs are: · Avoid costly errors · Save time · Trained labour Champion Concrete Cutting Inc. also offers concrete saw cutting, core drilling and concrete finishing services for residential, commercial and industrial clients in Edmonton and throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Western Canada. Contact us for a free estimate on concrete demolition servic


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