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Reliable Concrete Removal Services in Edmonton

From concrete breaking to concrete removal, Edmonton residents trust Champion Concrete Cutting (Edmonton) Inc. for all their demolition needs. Steps, sidewalks, driveways, and patios — we demolish them all! At Champion Concrete Cutting, we use large breakers to make for quick, effective breaks of reinforced concrete for removal. Structures can also be removed by cutting concrete into pieces. This saves time and makes the process less costly for your project. Cutting concrete into pieces also prevents damage, keeping the structural integrity of the remaining concrete intact. Removing the structure section-by-section helps reduce debris and congestion.


At Champion Concrete Cutting (Edmonton) Inc., we do the work at comprehensive rates. We ensure that every project is finished according to your needs and budget.  

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Concrete Demolition Methods — Breaking, Removal, & More

The technique of removing concrete may appear to be simple at first. However, you may be forced into paying excessive repair charges and disposal fees if you do not seek the help of professionals. Our skilled technicians are always ready to provide help. We offer a diverse range of services to assure the complete satisfaction of all types of clients in the Edmonton area. 
There are several methods of concrete demolition. Below, we detail the various methods that can be used to break, remove, and dispose of concrete, including: 

  • Cut & Remove (No Dust Or Vibration): There is minimum dust noise and vibration. The concrete is cut with the help of water jetting, sawing and thermic lance etc. and then removing it with the help of a crane.
  • Cut Perimeter Of Demo Area And Breakout (No Damage To Surrounding Concrete): The cutting area is marked around its perimeter, then we remove it. We ensure that during the process, the surrounding concrete remains intact.
  • Break & Remove (Without Cutting): In this method, we split concrete in a controlled manner without cutting it. We use our state-of-the-art technology and apply high pressure on concrete and concrete cracks within 10-20 hours. This method will not create vibration nor dust.
  • Concrete Buster (Depths Of 1 Foot & More, No Vibration): We apply high pressure and burst the concrete without vibration and noise.
  • Handheld Crushing Equipment (Walls Up To 12” Thick): Sledgehammer, Chipping hammer etc.
  • Concrete Crushing By Machine (Up To 16” Thick): For demolitions, we use a variety of equipment, such as Bobcat, Kubota, breakers, jackhammers, dump trucks, mini excavators, backhoes, concrete busters, crushers, and our new remote-controlled demolition robot — DXR 310 with silica dust control systems.  

DXR 310: Demolition Goes High-Tech

DXR 310 is the most potent remote-controlled flexible telescopic arm, which can produce a power of 22 KW. Our new remote-controlled demolition robot has a long reach of 5.5m up, and 5.2m forward and is also highly maneuverable. This machine is efficient in tackling indoor and outdoor demolition projects, as well as small excavation projects. It works effectively in a demanding environment because it uses only hydraulics and electricity; the DXR 310 is safe to use indoors and creates no harmful fumes for the workers and the surrounding environment.  
The DXR 310 can also be used in dusty environments, such as metal processing plants. It has enhanced cooling and heat protection, enabling us to work in ambient temperature and high radiation heat. At just 31 inches wide, the DXR 310 can also pass through conventional doorways, climb stairs, operate on uneven surfaces and near walls. With its 13-foot telescopic boom and stabilizing outriggers, the DXR 310 is perfect for: 

  • Concrete Demolition
  • Brick Demolition
  • Indoor Demolition
  • Staircase, Roof, & Balcony Demolitions
  • Confined Spaces

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