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Core Drill

Looking for the best piece of equipment to use for coring holes in concrete? Have an upcoming for construction project in Edmonton? With the right tools, you can easily create holes to make way for pipes, wires and more without having to make multiple cuts to break up and remove the core material. Keep reading to learn more about core drilling and how a core drill can help you save time and get the job done right.

What a Core Drill Can Be Used For A core drill is a cylindrical drill with a hollow bit that allows you to create a perfectly round hole in the material that you’re drilling. Because the bit is hollow, the drilling material gets extracted from the centre. This core material can be later used by engineering firms for testing and if the material was concrete for example, experts can use the sample to determine strength and stability. Core drills can also be used to drill through wood, masonry, stone, or even ice vertically, horizontally, or at an angle. Applications of Core Drills Concrete core drilling is used in many industries for many different applications. In the construction industry, core drills are used for things like the creation of passageways for plumbing and drainage pipes, space for electrical wiring including phone and cable lines, the installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, road cores, manholes, strength test holes and much more. For residential homes core drilling is used for dryer vent, fireplace, electrical and plumbing placements, driveway cc locations, drain holes for driveways and garages. Different Types of Core Drills Like many power tools, core drills come in different sizes and strengths for different uses. Core drills can be hand-held and fitted with small bits for use around the home, while larger, more powerful drills are used in large-scale construction or mining projects. When coring holes in concrete, professional concrete cutters in Edmonton use a diamond cutting drill to reduce the amount of noise, dust, and vibration. How Coring Holes in Concrete Works Professional concrete cutters in Edmonton may request (depending on the job application) that the area being drilled first be scanned to make sure that there’s nothing underneath the concrete surface that could pose a hazard. Once it’s been verified that it’s safe to begin, the concrete cutter will use a drilling rig to support the weight of the drill. The drilling rig will be bolted, anchored or vacuum sealed to the floor to provide increased stability and safety. As the hole is drilled, water will be applied to the cutter to reduce heat, friction and dust. When to Call the Professionals If you have a large construction project that requires specialized equipment and expertise or even a small residential job call the professionals at Champion Concrete Cutting without delay. Champion Concrete Cutting has provided concrete cutting services to Edmonton and the surrounding areas for nearly 30 years. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer, or to request a quote.


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