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Gazebo with concrete slab

When we think of all the fun things to do in summer, playing in concrete doesn’t usually come to mind. In fact, summer is the perfect time to have fun with a concrete project—the warm weather makes the curing of the concrete and the drying of the finish a breeze. Plus you have the time…and maybe so do your friends and family to lend a hand! Let’s take a look at some ways you can put your concrete creativity to work this summer:

  • Planters. An easy project to do with the kids is to make concrete planters for outdoors or in. They can be any size, shape or colour. All you need are two containers of different sizes—the larger one shapes the outside of the planter, while the smaller container forms the inside. With dyes, polishing and painting you can expand your world of possibilities to include just about anything you can imagine. Remember to glue felt or cork pads under planters so they don’t scratch the furniture if you use them indoors.

  • Lampshades. Another easy one! Blow up a balloon to the size you want or use another shape you like and coat it with wet concrete. After the concrete is cured remove the mold and voila! Remember, concrete is heavy, so don’t make it too thick, and don’t forget to leave a hole for the wire!

  • Concrete benches. These require a bit more skill and strength, so plan ahead. You may need to build a mold from scratch for this one. Imbed the legs into the wet cement and let them set in. If the legs are wood you can cut them to the correct length after you remove the mold.

  • Coffee tables. Want to replace a scratched or damaged coffee table top? Consider building a mold and making a concrete one—pretty well guaranteed to outlast the last one!

  • Pouring that garage slab you’ve always wanted. This is a big job probably best left to the pros, but you can bet it’s probably less costly than you thought! An Edmonton concrete contractor can help you determine the local building code requirements and how to get it done cheaply, quickly and professionally. Call Champion Concrete Construction if you are looking for a concrete contractor in Edmonton.

  • Walkway. A poured concrete walkway is another summer project that can be done quickly and for a lot less money than you might think. And it’ll look great for years! Champion Concrete Construction is your concrete contractor in Edmonton if you want a long-lasting and economical poured concrete walkway.

  • Patios. Poured concrete patios are another great summer project. And with the limitless possibilities open to you with stamped and/or coloured concrete, you will be thrilled with the result. Call Champion Concrete Construction now with your questions. We’re your Edmonton concrete contractor.

Summer is a great time to get that special poured concrete project done! Our Champion cutting division will cut and remove old driveways or existing concrete to make the space ready for our concrete contractors in our construction division to pour the new concrete in Edmonton. Contact us — we’re your concrete contractor in Edmonton.


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