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Contractor pouring concrete

Ask these five questions when hiring a concrete contractor If you need to hire a concrete contractor for any upcoming construction, renovation or remodelling project, you may be wondering how to evaluate the various concrete companies you’ll be interviewing. Not every Edmonton concrete contractor is equally qualified, and concrete cutting, wall sawing, breaking and removal are dangerous work. These jobs involve complex machinery with diamond saw blades spinning at high RPMs. You will want to ensure that the contractor you hire is experienced, qualified, adequately insured and licensed. Here then are the five questions to ask concrete contractors in Edmonton before you hire.

  1. How long have you been in business? The longer contractors are involved in the concrete industry, the more adept they are at all aspects of the work involved. They can foresee problems and head them off before they start. They’ll also have efficient protocols in place to ensure a superior quality of workmanship. Substantial prior experience is one of the best indicators that the contractor does good work.

  2. Can you provide me with a business license number? Any legitimate business owner should be able to provide you this without hesitation. Unauthorized contractors will make excuses. Don’t believe them!

  3. Can I receive a copy of your safety policy regulations? This document will illustrate that the contractor has a commitment to the well-being of their employees. The document doesn’t need to be complex or lengthy, but it should outline all measures that workers need to follow to keep themselves free from harm.

  4. Can I receive a copy of your insurance policy and Worker’s Compensation documents? In the event that an accident happens, these documents are evidence that you won’t be liable for harm done to workers or damages done to your property. Note the expiry dates on these papers to make sure that coverage will be current at the time the work will be done.

  5. Can you provide me with a free quote? The answer should of course be yes. The contractor needs to ask you questions about the project and an onsite evaluation will also be required to provide an accurate quote. He or she will likely ask you:

    • What is the width and depth of the cut or hole you require?

    • Is the area marked out?

    • Is the area prepared for our equipment?

The process of requesting and getting a quote is a good opportunity for you to measure the company’s professionalism. If the quote is delivered in a timely manner, the staff you speak with are courteous and informative, and the employees who you meet are neat and well-groomed, these are all good indicators that the company is conscientious and respectable. In the Edmonton area, concrete contractors and concrete companies come at varying calibres of skillfulness and professionalism. Champion Concrete Cutting (Edmonton) Inc. ranks at the top. Contact us today and ask us all of the above questions as well as any others you may need answered. We look forward to helping you with all your concrete cutting needs.


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